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New NutriMill and need advice on where to buy grain,please

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New NutriMill and need advice on where to buy grain,please

Is anyone familiar with Wheat Montana, especially the Prairie Gold? 

How are grains stored to keep the bugs out?

Thanks for taking the time to respond.


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Congratulations on your new mill.  I just purchased a mill recently and am enjoying learning to use whole wheat flour.  My family loves the freshly ground wheat flour flavor, but they never really cared for the bread made from purchased whole wheat flour.  I think there is a distinct difference, although that might be partially attributable to the type of wheat I am grinding in addition to the freshness.   I have purchased several types of grain from Pleasant Hill Grain at  I also tried to go local to support my local health food store and save on shipping.  For first time large grain purchases, I suggest ordering through Pleasant Hill Grain or a similar company.  They send their grain in a labeled 5 or 6 gallon plastic bucket sealed against oxygen with mylar bags and oxygen absorber packets.  It stays fresh until you are ready to open it.  You can purchase gamma seal lids which replace the regular snap-off lid of the 5 or 6 gallon bucket from Pleasant Hill.  They need to be pounded onto the bucket, but then they have an inner twist off resealable lid which prevents critters from invading your grain.  They are very sturdy and nice and reasonably priced.  The 50 pounds of corn and 50 pounds of duram wheat I purchased locally each came in paper bags which were difficult to reseal.  I eventually purchased food safe 5 gallon buckets and gamma seal lids for them.  I wish I had just purchased them in the 5 gallon buckets to start with as the total cost would have been less.  Good luck.  By the way, I am making some great sourdough corn pancakes (or sourdough corncakes if you prefer that terminology).  Happy milling and baking!