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Italian Bread with half whole wheat flour

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GlindaBunny's picture

Italian Bread with half whole wheat flour

I decided to add some whole wheat flour to the italian bread this time.


scored dough 

I wasn't paying attention and left the oven high for a little too long... oops.  They're a little dark. 

oops... a little dark 

The dark crust didn't adversely affect the flavor, though. 

sliced bread 

bread with spaghetti 




weavershouse's picture

That looks delicious. I love it so dark and the inside looks creamy and moist. The pasta looks al dente, just the way I like it. Great job. Who's Italian Bread recipe did you use?                      weavershouse

GlindaBunny's picture

I used the one from the favorite recipes section on this site.

maxamilliankolbe's picture

From the picture it looks like you put a glaze on the bread. Is that so or is that a reflection? Either way, it looks great!

GlindaBunny's picture

i like to brush a little melted butter after i take them out of the oven... mostly for aesthetics