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Hobart HL6 on ebay

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Bob Marley

Hobart HL6 on ebay

Waddayall think of this unit?? Looks like it was made in Sweden but from the looks of things, it looks like a great, well built unit.

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I have had a 6qt KitchenAid for many years.  I use it now and again but rarely for breads unless I'm making a single loaf of smallish weight.  I don't like how hard it is to add ingredients, how it tosses flour around the counter even if and when I remember to use the (poorly designed) clear plastic bowl guard, and how it has a tendency to walk around the counter making it necessary to stay with it all the time when I need it to run for 10 minutes straight for some dough or other.

I also have an old Electrolux DLX, now called an Anksarum, I think.  It is what I use for larger volumes of dough, e.g., for 3 large loaves of challah.  It is easy to add ingredients, whether liquid or dry, without spilling onto the counter.  It never tosses flour outside the bowl.  It is solid as a rock on the counter.  And it never struggles with the doughs I make.  In addition, while it has a somewhat larger footprint than my KA, it is shorter, making finding counter or cabinet space easier.  And, even new, it's less expensive than the Hobart you're picturing.  With some luck, you can find a used one on Ebay.  Mine, now over 15 years old in my hands, was purchased used on Ebay.  It still looks as good as it did when I got it and it runs like a charm.

I say spend your money elsewhere unless you're a collector of tools rather than a user of them.


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Looks like a nice mixer.  If bread is your primary use, the limited capacity is a bit of an issue.  If you only make a loaf or two at a time than it would not be an issue.  For a multi-purpose all around mixer, I think that it looks quite nice.  To my knowledge, the quality of a Hobart mixer is still quite high.  One should not confuse a modern KitchenAid of questionable quality made by Whirlpool with anything made by Hobart.  They are worlds apart.

I use a 30 year old Hobart made KA mixer at home and I really like for an all purpose mixer.  I would not buy a modern KA mixer.


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Bob S.

Too bad Hobart never marketed the HL6. At least it has a spiral dough hook, which should make it a good mixer for bread.

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I just picked one of these was indeed new.  I also owned the KA Pro600 and a KA Artisan.  The Artisan 5Qt burned up the motor and the Pro 6Qt has a stripped worm gear (new gear on order so I can repair).

The primary difference between this and the KA is this one seems to have an independent fan motor, so that regardless of the motor speed, the fan is running constantly.  Underneath the base of the upright support is a fan grate for exhaust and the fan intake is underneath the upper motor housing.  I just ran a two loaf sourdough recipe (1 cup starter, 1.5 cup water, and 5.5 cup flour.  I kneaded on speed 1 for 15 minutes and the motor was barely luke-warm and it ran fine with no effort.  my KA would really struggle with the same recipe so I decreased it, but with no luck as the gear eventually stripped (probably from overloading).

The KA cannot knead for more than several minutes without heating up, and indeed the manual says the mixer would get hot to the touch as this is normal (I don't think it should be normal but that is what the manual says).  Anyway, the Hobart HL6 blows it away, at least for now anyway.

One shortcoming I have noticed with the Hobart is the dough hook.  For some reason, this design likes to let the dough slightly climb the hook, similar but not as bad as C-hook does on the KA Artisan.  I don't even worry about it and just let the machine do its thing, and the dough eventually falls back down and kneads correctly.

The motor is variable speed, like the KA Pro600, but has fewer speed settings.  The speed 1 for kneading seems to be a bit faster than the KA on setting 2, but it is hard to tell as my KA is currently not running.

If you have any questions on the mixer that I can answer let me know.  I am new to the postings here, but have been reviewing this site for the last 6 months.  If this HL6 mixer proves me wrong, I am moving on to a Hobart N50.


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I have a HL6 and I love it. The quality of everything I make with it improved dramatically. I am looking for a great pasta attachment.