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First Tartine Loaf

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First Tartine Loaf

I baked my first Tartine style loaf today. Things went great for the most part. It rose well and did what it seemed like it should through each step. Things fell apart a bit at the bake stage. My plan was to turn the loaves onto my peel, score them, and then turn a heated pot onto them when they got to the pizza stone. They stuck to the cloth really bad during proofing (no rice flour and not enough of it) and by the time they were on the stone, they had spread too much for the pot. I ended up hearth baking the first one and trying a variation that worked so so on the second. I was impressed when I cut into them though. Really soft uneven holes with a nice crunchy crust. The flavor was mildly sour which I attribute to likely an overly strong levain. All and all, not too bad for a first shot. 

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Very nice.

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looks great!

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nora sass

You should be proud to be able this produce this lovely bread on yr first attempt. Well done :)

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Patrick  Love the bold bake and the open crumb.  Well done and

Happy baking

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Thanks! I'm stocked up on rice flour and I have a new plan for DO baking. New bake planned for Tuesday. I'll post a pic when it's done and update on bake method if it doesn't crash and burn.

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This is a pic of bake #2. I had to leave the house for a few hours mid-way through the proofing. I proofed them most of the way on the counter and stuck them in the fridge for a couple of hours. This resulted in loaves that I think were a little under-proofed. They still tasted great and last a really long time, but I didn't get the same open crumb I did last time. The rice flour did a great job though. The loaves slid off the towels with no problem. I'm still having scoring issues. I ordered some razor blades yesterday, so they should arrive for my next bake.