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Pumpkin bread

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Pumpkin bread

Yesterday we baked Pumpkin bread, with pumpkin puree and pumpkin seeds.



Abel Sierra.



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I will look up the recipe on you website.

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I haven't posted the recipe in the website because I haven't done it myself. I made it with a professional baker.

The recipe for 2 pieces is:

- 600 gr bread flour

- 200 gr of solid sourdough (50-60 % hidration)

- 300 gr pumpkin puree

- 15 gr fresh yeast (optional)

- 50 gr pumpkin seeds

- Water (aprox 100 ml. It can be more or it can be less. I suggest you to add water little by little, while you knead. It depends on the texture of your pumpkin puree. The final texture of the dough should be like the texture of a 60% hydration dough).

Long bulk fermentation, short final fermentation.

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if you could...  Maybe a little more info on how to assemble this bread.  What if you don't have 200gr of solid sourdough?  What can you substitute?  Why is 15 gr of fresh yeast optional?    Do you chop the pumpkin seeds?  thanks,  Ken

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If you don't have 200 gr of solid sourdough, you can make a preferment the day before mixing 100 gr of flour and 100 ml of water and some fresh yeast (2-3 gr), let it ferment one hour at room temperature and then keep it in the fridge. Or you can use old dough from another loaf you made. Maybe you've got liquid sourdough, so you can transform it to solid sourdough adding the quantity of water and flour to get a solid sourdough.

Another thing that you can make if you don't have access to 200 gr of solid sourdough or you don't want to make a preferment is avoid it and add 100 gr of additional flour and 100 ml of additional flour, and then use yeast.

You can make this loaf with only sourdough. Fermentation process will be slower but the aromas will be greater. If you add yeast, fermentation process will be quicker. You'll get a fantastic loaf, but it's not the same. You know in baking, the slowest is the better.

There's no need to chop the seeds, but if you want it, you can do it.

Have a nice day.