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Miche (another version)

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Miche (another version)

A loaf baked thinking about Lionel Poilâne.

Abel Sierra

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That's a beauty.

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What caused the shiney crust? Egg wash? Camera lighting?

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Mini Oven

A lovely golden colour with a bold bake, looks delicious!  It's a very pretty loaf and crumb but rather large crumb for my interpretation of a "miche."   I'm having a hard time judging the crumb to scale.   

A "Miche" to me, is a very large loaf, somewhere between 5 to12 lbs or 2 to 5 kg so with at least 10% rye.  From that understanding, the crumb texture would be too large.   If the loaf is about 2 lbs or 1 kg everything fits nicely together.  

The end piece must have been heaven to eat!

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Indeed, this is a beauty, Abel. A lovely homage to Polain. 


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Yeah! The loaf is about 1 kg. It's the size I usually bake at home. I've done it with the flours I had in my kitchen. I know a Miche contains more whole flours, but I didn't want to go the store, so I just added to the preferment 570 gr of bread flour and 30 gr of whole wheat flour. Total hydration is about 62%. If I had added more whole wheat flour or rye I would have added more water. The colour is natural, it's because of the light.

Have a nice day.