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New loaf

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New loaf

I think this is the 4th or 5th sourdough bake.  Still much to learn and improve on, but I think this one is nicer than the last. I did not let it cool down, I was hungry.  ;)


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crafted and baked and has to be tasty!  What kind of bread is this?

Well done and Happy baking

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I tweaked a recipe / video I found on the web and baked it in a Lodge Black Dutch oven.  This one is still not as sour as I would like, going to keep working on that.

7.5 oz. whole wheat flour
16 oz.  white bread flour
2 oz.    Dark Rye
2 tsp.   sea salt
2.25 cups purified water
1/3 cup starter & a squirt of honey

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Still working on these and slowly starting to learn.

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Looks like some great spring on that boule. Nice bread Darwin.