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Same recipe different form

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Same recipe different form

This is the same 675 AP and  125 WW Pain de Campagne I have been making.  However, this dough had a different feel all together.  Again, never throw out what could be a disaster.  This was proofed in a regular bowl instead of my standard banneton.  I am not used to a bowl I suppose.  The dough was more stiff than usual and appeared a little lumpy.  The proof looked weird.  It did not have a nice rounded bump when I removed it from the fridge.  It rose and does have spring.  Perhaps, this is me learning and being overly thoughtful!


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Maybe lumpy on the stiff side is the new artisan bread trend!

Happy Baking Casey!

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I thought to myself at least I am noticing. Difference In The dough.  I tried to turn it into a positive.  It taste pretty good, but did not do anywhere near what some of ski's boule are doing!  

Warm regards,


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Maybe the lumps was flour not quite mixed in during autolyse.  When this happens they don't really go away and naturally your dough will feel "wetter" cause some flour never got hydrated.  I've had this happen more than once.  I too push forward and have not been able to notice the lumps after baking but the handling and action of the dough certainly changes.  

Came out looking pretty darn good though


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I think that is exactly what happened.  I haven't yet thrown out dough but the thought has crossed my mind a time or two :).  Thank you for the compliment.  I