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Ways to wangle a Restaurant Depot pass

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Kitchen Barbarian

Ways to wangle a Restaurant Depot pass

See this post on KAF for some ways to get access to bulk purchases via Restaurant Depot.

I've had a noffal time trying to find places to purchase in bulk.  Sadly this still isn't terribly viable for me as the nearest RD is an hour and a half away and I don't drive any more.  But maybe I can make a side trip when I go to a museum I've been wanting to visit - it's 3 hours away, but my son was going to take me there anyway soooo ... hopefully that's a possibility.


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I order 50 lb and 25 lb bags of grain from my local health food store. They get a delivery once a week or so from their distributor. The truck is coming anyway so they give a fair price on my special orders. Their order catalog is 1" thick so anything I can ask for they can get. Perhaps yours can too. 

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Kitchen Barbarian

I've tried that before - the health food stores only carry expensive unbromated unbleached organic flours (don't want) and the grocery stores who are willing to let me buy a bag pump the price up so high it's more, in some cases, than trying to buy a 50lb bag mail order.


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Postal Grunt

The local WalMart here in Leavenworth, KS started stocking KAF AP in 10 and 25lb bags not too long ago so the items are in WalMart's inventory. Try asking the store manager if he can order some if they don't stock it already.

WalMart also carries Wheat Montana hard red and hard white wheat berries in their inventory should you wish to do some home milling.

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for $8.99 at the local pan-Asian grocery store.  It is atta, a fine grind intended for making naan bread, but I did hunt around on the forum here and found a poster from the UK using the same brand for European style breads with good success and good flavor.  Our Walmart has 10 lb KAF AP, and Hodgson Mills' 5 lbs rye and WW for at least a dollar cheaper than Whole Foods or the local supermarket.

There is also a restaurant outlet nearby--Benjamin Foods--which is open to the public and also has 50 lb bags of Gold Medal products for less than $20.  I prefer KAF, which just went on sale at our local supermarket (Giant/Martin's) for $3 per 5 lbs, so I stocked up.  I am in the Philly suburbs, so these prices are very reasonable for this area.

I went a little bananas recently as the Giant was clearing out their stock of Bob's Red Mill flours and grains, all at least 50% off--24 oz of organic rolled oats for $1.34, for one.  And I am working my way through 10lb of spelt flour which cost me about the same per pound.  So if your supermarket has one of those bargain shelves, it can become your new best friend.

Now that we are getting into holiday baking season, you may see some sales in your area, so that can be another option.

If you lived in my neighborhood, I would share with you!