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Scale Alert

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Scale Alert

Last night I came into my kitchen to discover my 2 year old sitting on the counter, had emptied my new bag of KA rye flour (that I drove an hour to get ), and was doing what he thought was making bread. He was sitting there so cute -hands flat out mashing the flour pile, saying "mash, turn, mash, turn" which is what I let him do with his little piece of dough I save for him. Well, the 'cute' was wearing off and I pick him up, pull off the clothes to prevent further flour damage to my kitchen, and start to clean up the mess. Then I find it..... he had took the batteries out of my Escali digital scale I got from KA last year, left off the back cover, turned it upside down, and it was underneath the mountain of flour. I flipped out, because you could see flour even on the screen. I dusted it with a can of air, put the batteries back in, and it worked just as before. It is still correct, if you were wondering, because I had my starter sitting there I had just fed and reweighed. It may not be the best scale there is, but I would buy another one in a minute. I hope this helps anyone thinking of buying a new scale.

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Brings back a lot of memories.  My favorite was when my wife and I were discussing whether or not to to rip up the basement carpet and out two (then 6 and 4) came up the stairs wearing hard hats and goggles and carrying crowbars and announced "carpet is mostly up - we just can't roll the last part".  Well that decided that! 

We managed to stay on the humerous side of most of these incidents.  Now they are teenagers and it isn't quite the same ;-)  (still fun though).  


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It sure isn't, huh? A mantra of ours around here is "You were so CUTE back then..."

Audra, that's hilarious, I wish you had pictures. I have one of my now-16-then-1 1/2 year-old just after he spent several unattended moments pulling the flour out of my cupboard and sitting happily in the middle of 5 spread-out pounds. The 'cute' definitely trumps the grr-rr-r. 


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I'm glad I wasn't upset, and could just enjoy the moment. He's my last at home and those lillte one moments are going fast.