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Sourdough English muffins

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Sourdough English muffins

Following kjknits recipe on English muffins it gives me an extremely slack dough which sticks everywhere. After proof thrower them onto a heated griddle, which is a bit too hot for them and most of them are burnt n one side. 

I guess I would increase the amount of ap flour to make it a dough like structure or use a muffins ring to hold its shape.

But this recipe is yet one of the best English muffins I've have ever had. 


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That soft sticky dough lets big bubbles form in the muffins as they cook on the griddle, creating the perfect texture for trapping lots of butter or preserves after splitting and toasting.  As you note, the griddle shouldn't be too hot; most recipes call for cooking 5-7 minutes on a side.  If you see the surfaces getting too dark before the centers have cooked, pop them into a 350F oven for another 6 or 7 minutes to finish baking.

Those you have pictured here are definitely not burnt, at least on on the side that's visible.  ;-)  They look pretty good from here!


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For a Slack dough should I scope them and pan fried it that way?

Im not sure if they are cooked properly. I hope they do as ive shoved them into the freezer already.