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First success!

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First success!

Finally - not only edible but lovely! Sourdough the way I wanted it :)

First Success!

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bake of this bread.  Has to be tasty and Congrats!

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Great job there!

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latest attempt - week later, same everything except one loaf rather than splitting the dough in two ....

... still very tasty but also a very different taste.

Just realised that in all the excitement I forgot the purpose of my post - to say 'hello!' I've relatively recently found my bread-making interest rekindled, after more years than I care to think about, and decided to see what all the talk of sourdough was about ... previous experience was pretty basic, consisting mainly of everyday white loaves and rolls. Hopefully going to gain a far broader repertoire this time round, with the help of those wiser and more experienced ;)



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Welcome to the forum!

Nice looking sourdough too!