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Berliner Landbrot - Got it now!

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Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

Berliner Landbrot - Got it now!


Got it right, at last!

Berliner Landbrot -

70% Dove's Farm light rye

30% Bacheldre Organic Stoneground Strong White Flour

During his apprenticeship the baker Tom Roetz investigated the behaviour of machine-prepared rye preferments vs hand-prepared rye preferments using  a standard "Berliner Landbrot" formula.

My version of "Berliner Landbrot" is adapted from his paper, which is available online:

I tried to bake this bread several times with mixed sucess. Now I managed to get it just right for my taste:

A fairly open crumb, combined with a dark, caramelised crust.

Here the formula:

Expected Yield1600 
Light/Medium Rye Flour (Type 1150)25232
Mature Starter (not in final dough)1093
Strong White (AP) Flour (Type 550)30278
Light/Medium Rye Flour (Type 1150)45417
Yeast (Instant)0.474.4


Mix the preferment and leave it for about 14 hours at 28C. It should have a pleasant smell and taste.

Mix the preferment with the rest of the ingredients, the dough is easy to handle as it ought to be onthe stiffer side.

Knead for about 5 minutes, the dough wil become a bit smoother.

Rest the dough for 30 minutes at 28C

Shape with wet hands.

Proof for another 45 minutes at 28C.

I used bannetons this time, but this can also be baked freestanding or in tins.

Bake in a very hot oven  (Roetz says 290C!) for 10 minutes, then at 200C for about 50 minutes (750g loaves).

Things to watch out for

Temperature: During the preparation of this dough I managed to keep the dough temperature constant on 28C. 

Shaping: I did it quite gently this time, just gently forming a smooth roll with very wet hands.

Baking: My oven was as hot as it can be, with a new 3cm stone, and about 2 hours preheating (I did another bake just before)

Roetz used in his studies two decks: one heated to 290C for the first 10 minutes of the bake, and another one at 200C to finish the bake. I think it is most important for this bread to behin the bake hot.

My challenge now: to get these results consistently.

Happy Baking,



nicodvb's picture

I didn't expect to see such an open crumb using 70% rye. WOW!

I'm looking forward to see the recipe.

Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

Nico, This is actually the kind of bread I wanted to make when I started baking here in England.

Mini Oven's picture
Mini Oven

about the loaf underneath...  wait... those are the beautiful tops too!  

Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

is actually the same loaf. Couldn't wait to cut into it (BAD BOY)

Added a picture of the whole thing.

Mebake's picture

Excellent outcome, Juergen!

Haven't seen light rye from dove farm..  Interesting.


Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss


Dove's Farm don't seem to sell their light rye in shops, I got it in bulk directly from Dove's.

dabrownman's picture

beautifully baked inside and out. 

Nice baking Juergen. 


Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

is screaming for some dabrownman toppings!

Thanks a lot,


dabrownman's picture

I thought you had put some YW in there like I do for heavy breads like this 70% rye.  Sadly, the only thing I ever put on rye is bran flakes or scalded rye chops. I do like rye sprouts inside though.

I've got to ask Hanseata if she would let hemp or chia grace them :-)  Hempsters can be tricky if you catch them off guard or sitting on the beach in the Yucatan sunning themselves :-)

We have made a bread with the same name out of Clayton's Complete Book of Bread - but it never came out anywhere as nice as yours.  Maybe all it needed was a few grams of hemp and chia seeds :-)

Happy Ba-King Juergen

Janetcook's picture


This is a very nice open loaf for 70% rye!  I too am waiting for the formula.  

What is the origin of this loaf?  I am not familiar with the name you posted with it 'Berliner Landbrot'  and my German is nill.  I do know 'brot' is bread though and am guessing Berliner is Berlin but not sure how it all fits together :-)

Take Care,


Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

Landbrot = Country Bread

Berliner = From Berlin

Berliner Landbrot means automatically a 70/30 rye/wheat bread with the lighter variety of flours, although there is no law.

The formula is fairlty straightforward, but I think it is the simplicity that can unlock and hone the skills. 

We could introduce a new adjectiveand say: this bread is "baguettish"" ;-)

Best Wishes,



Janetcook's picture

Hi Juergen,

Thanks you for the translation. Kind like a French Country Bread only with rye :-)

 Now I know another new word to add to the my list of 'foreign' languages....mind you my vocabulary is extremely limited and relates primarily to bread.  :-)  Words I have learned here.

Take Care,



FlourChild's picture

Looks very nice, great bake!

Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss


Mirko's picture

Sehr schön, sieht lecker aus!

Verry nice loaf of bread, thank you for formula!


Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

Mirko, I am sure you'll get the best out of it.


varda's picture

to getting  "the best flavor out of the basic ingredients."    Very nice indeed and a big change from your roll baking extravaganza.    -Varda

Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

were always there, the rolls were a parallel strand... quite mad the whole thing.

I wanted to comment on your recent wonderful basic ingrediens posts, but didn't get round to it. Looking at your loaves I immediately 

wanted to take out the wholegrain wheat flour bag, but some kitchen imps kept shouting "RYE RYE RYE" ...

dmsnyder's picture


Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss


I love the "simple" formulas, and something in your recent baguette post resonates in me and in this bake,


Song Of The Baker's picture
Song Of The Baker

That bakes makes me want to skip forward on my rye learning curve and start baking rye like a mad scientist.

Nice scoring too!


Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

with the other wonderful bakes you pulled off!



ananda's picture

Very lovely bread Juergen,

I wish my German was better; I think it may be too challenging to get through the article by Tom Roetz.   I'll give it a go

All good wishes


Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

Thank you, Andy.

If you get stuck I'm happy to help.

Baker's German didn't come naturally to me, many of the words are unique to the trade, and at the time I was baking with my mother at our Freiburg home 40 years ago, none of these expressions had made it into German cookbooks.

But I rather like the precision: there is Anstellgut - meaning Starter, mature culture, mother, sourdough preferment ...

Aiming for consistency now, I'll make another batch tomorrow.

Best Wishes,



isand66's picture

Excellent looking and I'm sure tasting bread Juergen.

Thanks for sharing your formula.



Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

Thank you, Ian. Not as heavy and strong as a 100% rye, but the dark crust adds quite a bit of flavor. 


CrustandCrumb's picture

Hello Juergen,

                thanks for posting this recipe! We've made this recipe second time. The first time we went with your recipe, used light rye (no medium rye available at local stores). The second time we used have light rye and whole rye flours in the dough portion of your recipe in place of the light rye. I played a little bit by allowing it more rise time and it worked! It was definitely moist but very tasty.

Thanks again for the recipe!


Juergen Krauss's picture
Juergen Krauss

Just got a batch out of the oven now, with wholemeal rye, as you did it. 

Thank you for commenting,