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Almond and lemon brioche

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Almond and lemon brioche

“Let them eat brioche!”, said Marie Antoniette when she was told that the French populace had no bread to eat. This is a “pain brioché”, which is the poor version of the regular brioche, because we're gonna add less butter and less eggs. We're gonna give it a twist adding the zest of a lemon and almond meal, almond flour or ground almond, however you call it. As a result we're gonna eat an amazing brioche, so we will have breakfast like kings, and we won't be afraid of the guillotine.

- 3 medium eggs (150 gr)

- 120 ml milk

- 400 gr strong bread flour

- 50 gr almond powderl

- 3 tbsp brown sugar

- 5 gr salt

- 75 gr softened butter

- Lemon zest

- Vanilla extract

- 6 gr instant yeast or 18 gr fresh yeast

- One egg for egg wash

Mix eggs and milk in a bowl, and flour, almond powder, salt, sugar, lemon zest and yeast in another bowl. Mix everything, and knead. You can use an electric mixer, or you can mix it with your own hands. In ten minutes the dough should be smooth and silky. The add butter little by little. Knead until dough becomes smooth and silky again. Let it rest about 1 hour and 30 min.

Put the dough on a floured surface. Shape four or five buns. Put them into a greased tin. Let them rest about 1 hour. Brush the buns with egg wash and using a bread lame or a razor blade, score each bun.

Bake about 35 minutes. First 15 minutes the temperature should be about 190C (375F), and last 20 minutes reduce heat to 160C (320F). Cover with aluminium foil the last 20 minutes to avoid it becomes roasted.

Let the brioche rest two or three hours before you slice it. If you want to keep it tender, keep it into plastic bag.

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brioche.  Way to go!

bruneski's picture

Sounds and looks scrumptious!

Where exactly do you get almond powder (in Barcelona, right?)?

I`ve never seen anything like it in my neighborhood! I can easily buy whole almonds and also almond extract. But, almond powder?

Have a great weekend!

Abelbreadgallery's picture

Almond meal, almond flour or ground almond, however you call it. Here in Spain you can buy it almost everywhere because we use it to make marzipan and a lot of deserts and sweets.

If you cannot buy it powdered, just get 50 gr of raw almond (peeled) and blend it until it becomes powder.

Have a nice day!

bruneski's picture

... I'll get myself some almond powder by just processing peeled whole almonds as you suggest!

By the way, should I lightly toast them in the oven before processing them?

Thanks! Have a great day!

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I suggest you to keep them raw. The raw ground almond, with the lemon zest and sugar give this brioche bread the flavour of a light marzipan. And if you blend the almonds yourself the flavour will be better!

Have a nice day bruneski.

bruneski's picture

... I`ll do it with the raw almonds!!!

Have a great weekend!

bakingyummies's picture

and the combination of almonds and lemon sounds so delicious.