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Honey and salted butter bread

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Honey and salted butter bread

Honey and salted butter bread


This is an enriched bread, a kind of a "pain brioché" without eggs. Nice flavour, ideal for breakfast, to eat with soft cheese or with a piece of chocolate. I usually bake it in a tin, but you could shape it in litlle buns.


Ingredients for a 750 gr bread


- 240 ml of water or milk, or mix half and half


- 450 gr bread flour


- 5 gr instant yeast *


- 5 gr salt


- 40 gr salted butter


- 40 gr honey


* The quantity of yeast I suggest is only if you want to make a quick version of this bread. If you've got enough time and you want to improve the flavour of your bread, you can make a preferment with a little bit of yeast and an amount of flour and water from the recipe (poolish, or maybe a preferment at 50-60% hidratation). Another option is making a water-roux with flour and water (1 to 5 proportion).



If you use a mixer, put all the ingredients but the salted butter. The butter should be added near the end of the kneading process. If you knead by hand, mix liquid (honey and water or milk) and flour, let it rest 20 minutes, and then add butter, salt and finally yeast.


When the kneading process is completed, cover it and let it rest 1 hour and 15 min in the case you made it with all the yeast I suggest. If you use less yeast you'll have to wait more time.


Make a batard and put it in a greased tin, with the sewing in the bottom. Let it rest about 1 hour, and then put it in the oven, preheated at 240C.


When you put the tin in the oven, reduce heat to 190C. You can create a little bit of steam only during the first 10 minutes of the cooking time. Then open the door and remove the jar or the tray with water or whatever you used to create steam. The total baking time should be 37 minutes for this bread of 750 gr. If you want to have a uniform colour, at 20-25 minutes cover the bread with aluminium foil.


I hope you enjoy it!


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I find your instructions clear. Will to try it soon. I visited your blog and found a lot of very good recipes. Nice !


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I hope you enjoy it. I prepared it on saturday and it's still tender and soft. Greetings from Barcelona.

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Hello Able:

"I love your recipe! You suggested that one could use a sourdough starter to flavor the bread. So I baked up a loaf with an addition of sourdough and fresh milled soft white wheat flour, plus bread flour. I just removed the loaf from the oven. Wow! I got a terrific oven spring. I'm going to play with this recipe a little more and make a few more adaptions. The recipe is real forgiving which makes it easy to adapt and easy to work with.

When I saw the picture of the bread, the recipe intrigued me . I kept thinking it would be great for French toast since you said the dough was pretty much like Brioche. So I had to bake-up the recipe quick.

Could you please tell me what size bread pan you used?

I checked the (Bread Gallery) but couldn't read the recipes, because I can't read Spanish. Then I looked to see If I could translate the recipes into English some sites have this option. Maybe I just missed it.

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The mold I use is this one I bought in Ikea (26x12x7cm):

I've never done this bread with sourdough. I use yeast and sometimes I prepare a preferment, mixing 200 grams of flour and 120 ml water and a pinch of yeast, and letting it rest in the fridge 12 hours, or 4 hours at room temperature. Then I complete with the rest of the flour and water indicated in the recipe and I use less yeast, but then maybe you got to let it rest more time until the dough becomes fermented at the ideal point. I suggest you to prepare it the way I propose, Even it contains only yeast, the bread is tender 5-6 days if you keep it in a plastic bag.

Have a nice day!

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I used 20g 100% sourdough starter, and used 20g butter, decreased the yeast to 3g, plus the added addition of soft white whole-wheat flour 133g. I wanted to add more nutritional values to the bread. And let ferment over night in the fridge. Due to adding fresh milled grains I had to increase the milk by 60g.

I just made a peanut-butter sandwich with the bread. And "Yes! Its ideal for French Toast.

I'm pleased to say the bread was to my liking, light airy crumb and very soft. I'm in the process of adapting the recipe so I can bake up two more loaves.

Thank You - for the recipe



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I'll try your version next time, Jolly. Have a nice day. Greetings from Barcelona.