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Supplies for a Scott Oven in the US (Near NYC)

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Supplies for a Scott Oven in the US (Near NYC)

Hi All,

I'm planning to build the Artisan Scott oven.


I'm looking for a place that will supply me with good quality materials and service.


Particularly the Fire Bricks , Insulating concrete and heat stop morter...






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Faith in Virginia

Hi David,

If you want all kinds of information about building your oven, including places to get building materials try the forum at  Great group of WFO people over there.


Davidkatz's picture

I'll take a look - anyone there doing Scott ovens?

tracker914's picture

Hi David, where are you located?  here in westchester I go to Bedford building supplies.


Laurentius's picture

Hi David,

There are some efficiences flaws in the insulation placement with the Scotts ovens. As Faith said, you might want to check out:



polo's picture

Ultimately it is you your decision regarding what style of oven you wish to build. While pondering that decision I would encourage you to also consider joining the Brick Oven Group over at Yahoo. Owners of both lower mass Pompeii style ovens, as well as higher mass "Alan Scott" style ovens are represented there.

There are definitely insulation upgrades to consider if you decide on a higher mass Barrel Vault style. The folks over at the Brick Oven group will point that out as well.