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Hey! So I'm new to this forum, and although I'm not exactly a professional bread maker (I'm a beginner/noob in the truest sense of the word, and I don't have enough money to really get the proper equipment needed to make the high-quality breads I one day want to be able to make :( ). I use a breadmachine...

I joined, though, because maybe here I'll get the advice I can't find elsewhere, oddly enough.

But anyways, I'm mainly here for recipes and baking advice, so...

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This is a great site for advice, and exchange of information on bread.  The only special equipment that I think you might need is an "instant read" thermometer, and a scale that will weigh to the tenth of an ounce or to a gram.  You can do without even those, but they are desirable

In any case welcome.  Our hosts are Floyd and Dorota Mann.