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Bread and pizza with noodles flour?

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Bread and pizza with noodles flour?


recently I watched a video showing how to prepare noodles (plain, not egg noodles). The man made real acrobacies with that dough, he was really impressive!

I've never seen a dough behaving like that. I read that not all flours are fit for the purpose, that the flour must comply with strict protein and starch characteristics.

My question is: did anyone ever try to make pizza and bread with a flour for noodles?


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Hi Nico,

I think you'll find that noodles dough is loaded with L-Cysteine, or similar type of relaxing agent.   You probably knew that already.

All good wishes


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a flour technician of a nearby mill told me a different thing: that it's the higher than usual percentage of B-type amilopectins that makes the dough so "acrobatic" and incredibly extensible, not the addition of L-cysteine. Just reporting, I don't know.