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3 gmas gone nuts!

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3 gmas gone nuts!

We 3 gmas baked walnut breads this Sunday. We tossed out the topic and we all went different ways with it... Barb, who never makes only one bread... go getter that she is... made Reinhart's Sandwich bread, plus 2 tartine loaves, one with walnuts and one without. 

  These are the Reinhart's, a basic Sandwich loaf.  Looks like it will do the job well. Nice crumb, for great sandwiches. 

 This is the walnut half of Barb's Tartine dough.

 The left boule, plain... right, walnut bread. And here is the beautiful walnut crumb.

Now, you have already peeked at Helen's loaves as they are the lead-in picture, because they are so beautiful!

 Here is Helen's dough, her bread is Cranbury Walnut... just like the bread in our favorite "Central Market" in Ft. Worth... I am betting her's tastes better than theirs. 

  Ready for the proofing.

 Aren't these lovely ... yep, they are.

 Look at all those cranberries in there! YUMMMY!

 My dough, looks really oily from turning it over in the bowl... rose really fast to the doubled stage... I had to wrap my loaves in foil in order to get the inside temp to be 200 without overbrowing the crust.

  I think they turned out great, and the taste is awesome... mine are Mission Fig and Walnut... 

This bread made great toast this morning... and I can only imagine how heavenly French Toast will be... 

Again, 3 gmas... one main idea and 3 different takes on it.... We have a great time finding out what each of us brings to the table!!! Literally!

Another great day, great bake and great time with my sisters!

Happy Baking,

Barb, Helen, and Diane

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One GMA says 'walnuts' and all of the twisted sisters go all out nuts with this bake.  They are all just beautiful and so well baked.  That is perfect browning on the sandwich loaf -and so, so hard to get.  Did it have light tan specks in it?  Figs and cranberries both go so well with walnuts, and anything else too if you ask me.  Lucy woke up from her sleep for this one.   The pink dough brought back memories of her Beet Bread when she said 'Bet ya that beautiful pink dough Diane has won't hold in there with that color after it is baked!  But it looks like some did both in the crust and crumb.  They all have to taste great.  Well done!

Just beautiful baking GMA's.....

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We had a good time... boy, oh boy, my fig bread was great as French Toast, just as predicted. Cut into the second loaf this morning, it is also very good with a schmear! 

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of Helen' loaves for her Jewish Deli Rye bake today - and slashed them the same and ....just so better than I can do. 

You inspired another nut!