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Best Baguettes 2013 Paris photos

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Best Baguettes 2013 Paris photos

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I love picture #3 and #9.  Those judges take their jobs serious!

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Thanks for sharing!

I find it fascinating how much variation there is in the appearance of the baguettes. I've been conditioned to have certain prejudices about how a baguette "should" look based on the reference books I have - crust coloration, the angle of the slashes, how much they open up, how pronounced the ears should be, etc. I wonder how much of this dogma is still accepted in the birthplace of the baguette.

By the way, I would be happy to eat any one of those rejects from photo #8. I hope someone had a huge picnic after the competition. . .


p.s. does anyone know if this competition has an amateur division? I'd love to see a competition involving home-baked baguettes. They could adapt the size and weight requirements to home oven dimensions.

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to see you and yy appreciated it....I have followed this blog since its inception and though I will admit I have never been actively involved and more of an observer I do believe it has taken on more than a mild air of snootiness to new members just trying to learn more.