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grain mill

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grain mill

Someone locally is selling a Mill and Mix Stone Grain Mill which they describe as solid loud and heavy. Does anyone here know anything about this mill? I can't seem to find any information on line but figure TFL is bound to be able to help, TIA, A.

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Their is  section on milling grain on the forum... check it out



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Thanks Dan, I had forgotten to check there - but nobody seems to mention the Mill and Mix. Probably not a good buy, A.

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I did a little googling and found the following FWIW. Looks like if the mill is in good shape (motor OK and the stones are not beat up) it would be a good buy at the right price.

Mill & Mix Co, Brigham City, Utah; no longer in business.

Sold on Ebay for $305 last January Description: Thank you for your interest in this brand new, never used "All American" Mill and Mix appliance. Featuring stone grinding at its best. The "Mill" allows the attachment of a power mixer for mixing dough, etc. A beautiful stainless steel bowl holds about 10 quarts. Some assembly will be required since this is new. I have taken it from its box to see how to attach the mixer to the mill but think it will take more mechanical ability that I have to get it done. All the parts required are included. But, I think a couple of holes may have to be drilled to attach and adjust the mixer to the mill; and, the mill will probably have to be elevated a couple of inches to accomodate the mixer attachment. Complete operating instructions are included along with the original limited warrantee. Instructions also include a recipe for whole wheat Bread (4 loaves). Manufactured in about 1980 by the Mix & Mill Company, Inc of Brigham City, UT. I have attempted to locate the company with no success as they may be out of business. This appliance has been stored in the attic of the garage for many years. I have tested it and find it fully operational, however the belt that come with it may need to be softened or replaced. Again, let me assure the buyer that it has never been used and thus can be characterized as "New/Old" stock. As its weight is substantial - perhaps as much as 25 lbs. it will in the interest of economy need to be picked up and not shipped. However, I will gladly ship it if picking it up in Claremont, NH is not possible. You will note that the photos show no cover over the stones - but there is one and it must be in place before grinding. Thank you for your interest in this beautiful old/new piece. FULL MILLING instructions are included and include such good advice as the following: "Grind as much as you need as you need it and for best flavor and nutrition, but do not run the mill for prolonged periods of time." Grains should be dry, especially wheat, corn and soybeans, and should be ground in small amounts (1 cup at a time). NOTE: "Nuts should not be ground in the mill because they are too oily." All will come to you in original factory boxes and packing. Be prepared in the case of emergency to mill your own flour. Includes what is likely a 1/2 hp electric motor, 1725 rpm. CONDITION: Never used. new/old stock from the 1980s. . Mixing bowl and attachment body is all stainless steel. The body and frame of the mill is constructed of particle board and formica. All is in excellent, new condition. (ad has expired)

Wheat Berry grinders: you do need a wheat grinder. There are many options available- just do an internet search. Mine is a very old and bulky Mill-and-Mix from a company down in Utah, but I don't think they make them any more. There are several good ones that sit on the counter. There are also some that you can grind by hand, they just take longer to use... I like the speed of the electric grinders. They are not cheap, but I have used mine for more than 25 years now and the price I paid for it has long been worth it! You can also grind other grains and beans.

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Hi Peter, thank you for posting such a wealth of information! From the photo I saw I don't think this one has the mixer which I wouldn't want anyway. The seller claims it works well and the price is $100 obo. Might be worth a look, thanks again, A.

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My father created the Mill & Mix in the early 70's. He passed away in 73, leaving my mom to raise 6 children. A 'friend' took the business from my mom. He kept it running for a number of years - not sure how long. Our family moved out of state in the early 80's. About the mill. My mom used her Mill & Mix to make about 50 loaves of bread every Thursday for about 7 years, which she sold to people in town to help pay expenses for us kids to be able to participate in various events and trips for school and 4-H. She continued using the same Mill & Mix to make at least one batch of bread every week until she passed in 2009. I just lost mine last week in a garage fire.

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I have a Mill & Mix that I am getting ready to sell, probably on Craigist, along with a L'Equip VitalMill. I just received a NutriMill as a gift, so I'm parting with the other two. Very interesting story by the daughter of the man who created the Mill & Mix. My Mill & Mix was manufactured in 1977. I have a letter from John Plowman, the president of Mill & Mix at the time. The original owner of my mill was a person who bought it for emergency/survival purpose, but never used it. I've been baking bread for 50 years and started milling my own grain about five years ago. I started with the VitalMill and then acquired the Mill & Mix which I've been using for the past three years.The Mill & Mix is really a sturdy work horse. I'm new to this forum and I'm really enjoying all the information available.