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Eric Kayser videos

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Eric Kayser videos

Hi everyone,

I was sent a couple of Eric Kayser videos that I think people will find pretty interesting ... enjoy!


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he used both yeast and levain but didn't state the amount of instant yeast or the hydration of the levain.

In the second croissant video he didn.t say how much unsalted butter he used.

I'm guessing the levain was 140% hydration based on the pouring - which would give him exactly 75% hydration for the dough but have no idea how much instant yeast he used but it looked like a lot.  Does anyone know?

It looked like a kilo of butter but does anyone know?

Thanking you in advance


grind's picture

He mentions 10 grams of yeast @ 1:08/09.  Cheers.

dabrownman's picture

I thought that was the amount he would use if there was no levain involved - my bad.  So .5% instant yeast with 400 g of levain. 

grind's picture

How much hair is is a little hair (@ 1:36) (wink).

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Thanks for sharing  PiPs, Kayser's are my favorite baguettes to bake so it was a treat seeing him demonstrating his technique.'s picture

Wow, if that's a "shop", I'd like to see a factory. What an operation. 

And I was surprised at how young he is. For someone whose name I've heard as much as his, I expected more of an 'old pro'. 

And finally, yes dab that's some liquidy levain. 140% seems about right. Higher than anything I've ever used.  Pourable -- that's handy!


dabrownman's picture

seem to like their baguettes with as little sour as possible with a thin crust -  thus the liquid levin and the yeast - to get the holes.  I was also amazed he was so young .... but everyone seems so young to me the older I get :-)

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Thanks for sharing! It hasinspired me to try croissants, he makes it look so easy . . .  b