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We 3 gmas baked together again...

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We 3 gmas baked together again...

This week we baked chiffon cake... Helen and I used the recipe in "Inside the Jewish Bakery" page 197... and Barb used a Lemon Blueberry recipe she found online @ As our usual we end up doing things a bit differently. 

This is Barb's Lemon Cake with Blueberries inside! You can see the blueberries below the glazed surface below....Awesome!!!


Then look how lovely that crumb is... all light and moist... Barb said it is very good... looks that way to me.


She made a great lunch with eggplant stew and lemon cake with blueberries for dessert! YUM!


Then Helen created a great cake and made it is a heart shape... awwww... ;-) Plus + 


She cooked up a beautiful blueberry sauce for over the cake... now how good does that sound!!!

This picture with the sauce on the cake makes me want to jump in the car and drive those 50 miles to Helen's house NOW!!!! That is the only caveat about baking long distance... we can't taste test for each other... LOL

My cake turned out nicely... I used some frozen mixed berries and cool whip on mine, baked it up in a tube pan and then glazed it with a really pukery lemon glaze... just lemon juice and powdered sugar... tangy!


So here we are, doing the non- kneady kinda things for these past two weeks... wonder what next week will bring... in the mean time... grab a chair and a cup of coffee.... and join us!

Happy Baking, Diane, Helen and Barb


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Now Im all hungry and stuff. Great looking bakes.

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Had to make a really thick glaze to hold on all those errant blueberries that tried to stay with the pan! It was fun baking once again with my sisters.


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with their toppings of icing, lemon glaze and blueberries look mouth watering delicious and they are since my apprentice is drooling pretty as pie just looking at them.  Very nice baking all around - as usual.  I won;t be baking with you GMA's this week since I have half of two panettone bakes and a banana bread in the freezer to deal with - on a personal level first :-)

Keep baking ladies and I will join back in when the freezer is more empty!

Happy baking

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didn't work real well! That was my thinking in putting the blueberries inside the cake and planned to do the very lightest of dusting with confectioners sugar. That was before the blueberries and chunks of the cake stayed in the pan. The thick glaze held the pieces together and was tasty but it definitely added lots of sugar.

Have to think of something a little less sugar laden for next week-


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Those all look great!  I'm trying to lose some weight but I'd sure love a piece or 2 :)