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Wood-fired clay oven - in progress

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Wood-fired clay oven - in progress

Following the course we went on (see previous thread) - we are underway!

Rather than post twice, see here:

for details of the build...  It's a very useful forum if you are interested in building a wood-fired oven - some lovely examples, and very helpful folk!


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Hi Sali,

That looks like a sweet little oven.   Are you sure that plastic piping will cope with the extreme heat of the wood-fire?

Best wishes from the cold north!


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It's cute!

Luckily we were not planning to leave the plastic pipe in place - it was just there as a form to mould the sand around before putting the next layer on (though, bless him, my OH did decide to light a small fire inside and managed to half-melt the pipe anyway!!) - we now have a proper-ish chimney from an old bit of drain (though I don't think it will last)...

We tried doing pizza but haven't learned yet how to get it up to temperature properly - more practice required!  So instead we went on holiday to Turkey (sailing dinghies) and ate in a restaurant that had a huge wood-fired oven - wonderful!! so we're still keen <grin>


(pretty cold and miserable down here as well - :-( )

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Best wishes from the cold north!