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Tasmanian purple carrot in sourdough bread

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evonlim's picture

Tasmanian purple carrot in sourdough bread

bought some beautiful organic purple carrot. thought i mixed it into the toasted golden flaxseeds sourdough bread. 

this is the same flaxseeds sourdough formula i used before.

praticing my scoring as well.. try to score a butterfly!!! 

hehe.. does it look like a butterfly?? 

this is a second boule i baked. i had to bake one at a time. i retardthis in the fridge while i bake the first one.

top view... :) 




isand66's picture

Very creative bread.  Looks beautiful.  So how did it taste?  Do you taste the carrot flavor?

evonlim's picture

oh yes, purple carrot has a very different level of sweetness compare to regular orange carrot. and i added the grated carrot at 2nd stretch and fold. did a few squeeze technique before the SF. as you can see specks of clear purple rather than a cloudy one. if you come across any please do get some to try. 



dabrownman's picture

many purple Tasmanian carrots around here, but I will try to a find a purple variety to grow and see how that goes.  Love your purple specked bread!  Being a Silo Tech'er, anything purple is way better than anything not.... like a Jayhawker :-)

Nice baking.

Faith in Virginia's picture
Faith in Virginia

Beautiful loaf,  I'm super impressed.

I think I'm missing out on many interesting ingredients living where I do.  Tasmanian purple carrot that is too cool!

Floydm's picture

Wow.  Stunning!

evonlim's picture

thank u 


varda's picture

the loveliest purple bread I've ever seen.   -Varda

evonlim's picture

aw... thank u varda. 


FlourChild's picture

Gorgeous loaf!  We get two-tone purple/orange carrots here in the spring, but if you cook them the purple vanishes- love the thought of a carrot that keeps its color through the bake.

evonlim's picture

never cook purple carrots before. i feel that it is a waste with all that antioxidate and beautiful vibrant color of purple. eat it raw most of the time. yes, i love that it keeps its color through the bake too! 

:) evonlim