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New to bread baking, now addicted!

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New to bread baking, now addicted!

I found this site earlier this month, went and bought some yeast, and now I am hooked on baking bread!  I have done alot of cakes, pies, and cookies but have never messed around with yeast or yeast breads.  I have made the first recipe in Floyd's book 3 times now, and each time its better.  I like the getting better part alot!

Here is my first braid, it is the first recipe in Floyd's book.  I added toasted sesame seeds in with the flour, and then dusted the top of the braid with sesame seeds and sea salt:

Then I went onto the cream cheese & blue berry sweet bread that is on this site.  I made mine with cream cheese, dates, and toasted almonds.  It was well received!

Then it was onto the honey whole wheat bread.  I have never messed with whole wheat flour before so it was a fun experience.  This bread is really tasty!

So, now thanks to this site, I am baking like a crazy person and am taking pictures of baked goods! 


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is still addicting even after you are an old hand at it.  It doesn't go away and can't be cured easily like other addictions:-)   You have done some really fine baking to date.... so you're a goner for sure now!

Happy Baking,

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Very pretty braid!

My addiction to bread baking has gone on most my life! Even through the brief moment i ate low carb I was baking with coconut flour and other stuff

but I also hoard cultures Pathologically maybe? 

In the event of a disaster I have stashed various cultures and shared enough .... That I know somehow I will make sourdough bread

So yeah, but way better than crack right?

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Nothing pleases me more than a nice loaf of warm bread... Your family and friends will be celebrating your addiction! 

Happy Baking,