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Hey from Georgia

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Hey from Georgia

Hi.  Im Staci from Georgia.  Trying to learn....something.  Im brand spanking new at bread making.  I have a mill and a Zojirushi bread maker - neither of which have gotten enough work in the last year.  I've played with fresh tortillas, cinnamon rolls and basic whole wheat bread.  Make lots of fresh milled waffles - but that's about it.  Would like to never buy another loaf of bread or bread product from the store - but nowhere near that point.  Hoping to pick up some knowledge, ideas and get inspired by folks! 

Im a mom of three boys - all under 5.  Own an embroidery and Tshirt printing business, and try to run a healthy and efficient household too. 

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Welcome to TFL.  I have no doubt that a host of others will chime in as well.  I am an amateur bread (and occasional pizza) baker and feel I owe a tremendous debt to TFL and its members for their help and shared knowledge.  If you stick around here for a bit, your dream of never having to buy another store-bought bread product may come true.




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Hello Staci,

I am happy you have joined our forum.  It is operated by the Dorota and Floyd Mann in a labor of love.  Check out their bread book, "The Fresh Loaf."


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Scott Wooten

I am in Athens Staci....where are you?

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Hey Scott and Traci I'm in Woodstock.