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BBC Article

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BBC Article

I thought you may be interested in this article that appeared on the BBC's web site today.

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Hi Peter,

Just to add that Chris from the RBC says he has been misquoted, as he never said that "there will always be a place for white-sliced". That notion always seems unlikely to me.

Best wishes


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Of course there will always be a place for Chorleywood white bread AKA polypropobreadaline.

  • A substitute for Pollyfiller (US Spackle)
  • The nearest land fill
  • Poisoning Pigeons in the Park (sorry Tom L)
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out a way to get 9.62 PS for your loaves.  That famous French baker, that most people I talk to have never heard of,  has nothing on your breads :-)   If you won't deliver to Phoenix, maybe delivering to London, one of the most expensive places in the world, where location, location, location and some small insanity rule might be the ticket?  

Was checking the advets here at the chain grocery stores.  1 1/2 pound Oroweat, Nature's Own and other non chain made breads  (Jewish rye, 100% WW, SD, 7 grain, country, French, etc) are on sale here for 1.86 PS  or $ 2.99 a loaf.   Chain made slimy white slice and WW are $1.25 for 24 oz.   Those cheap grocery chain breads were one of the reasons Wonder Bread went out of business  here - they just couldn't compete with the chain made cheap.

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Hi DA,

well, baking bread and sending it 300miles along a Motorway really is the antithesis of what makes any sort of business sense.   I should know given that was what we tried to do for my entire 10 year stint with Village Bakery.

I charge over £4.00 for an 800g Chollah; and my 1200g Miche go for £3.80, and I make a very good profit margin on this too, I can assure you.

I'm gobsmacked that people you know have never heard of Lionel Poilane.   If you ever find a book by Linda Collister [& Anthony Blake] called "The Bread Book", then I urge you to buy it.   Towards the end there are contributions from M. Poilane, Mr. Hamelman and Michel Roux Snr.....what a trio of bakers!

Oh, the Brazil Nut & Prune goes for about £4 too!

Take good care


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The Bread Book is available on Amazon online.  Link -


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Interesting article.  Thank you for sharing, Peter. :)