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Question on types of flour, from Bouchon Bakery book

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Question on types of flour, from Bouchon Bakery book

I recently obtained a copy of T. Keller's Bouchin Bakery, which I greatly enjoyed.  I am, however, perplexed by use of AP flour instead of bread flour throughout the book.  Is there a reason for this? I assume this makes for a lighter crumb?  I do note that most of the recipes specify to knead the dough for 20 mintues.  Could the extended kneading time (I usually use 4 to 8 minutes) compensate for the lower gluten content in the AP flour?  If using bread flour in these recipes, then, should one decrease kneading time?

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Which recipes are you referring to? The ones for bread specifically or others as well (cookies, brownies, etc)?


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Just the bread recipes.

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I'm also interested in hearing other people's opinion on the long mixing time. I can also add that their basic formula is based on a 73% hydration and a 20-30 mins autolyse.

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Sam Hogstad

The book uses recipes specific for the kitchenaid mixer specified at the front of the book for all of the recipes to give a desired amount of rpms