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Floyd's Kaiser Roll Recipe

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Floyd's Kaiser Roll Recipe

I posted this in the Kaiser Roll thread about a week ago, and no one has touched it. I am just trying to figure out if whole wheat flour was somehow used in the making of the Kaiser Rolls on this site? In the recipe it says "Bread or unbleached AP Flour", but in the pictures, you can see, what I think to be, whole wheat flour either in the dough, sprinkled on the bench for kneading, or something. But those rolls are not lilly-white bread/AP flour. Can anyone shed some light?

Kaiser Rolls are a slight obsession of mine, and I am looking for the perfect recipe. 

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Floyd is saying he thinks he may have used some Rye Flour while shaping but that it's not necessary.

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Thanks dstroy. I;m glad I'm not just loosing my mind.


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Hey guys,

I followed the recipe to a "T", and my kaiser rolls turned out crappy. Instead of that tell tale crisp (almost armored-car-like) crust, mine were soft and chewy. They tasted like I took fresh hot Kaiser Rolls that were crispy and put them in a zip-loc bag, and they steamed themselves soft.

I think my problem was the steam I introduced to the oven. What I did, was when I pre-heated the oven, I threw my 12" cast iron skillet in the bottom of the oven to heat up too. When I put the rolls in, I poured in a cup or so of boiling water. It steamed like CRAZY! I left the steaming pan in the oven for the first ten minutes of baking.

Should I have done something different? Maybe no steam at all?


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Mini Oven

Or safer yet, 3/4 cup of ice cubes or enough that it evaporates within the first 5 minutes. Or open the door around the 7th minute mark and let the steam out, but this can cool it somewhat.

Mini O

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some bakers dust their rolls with rye flour, im sure thats what you are seeing.