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New from Sacramento

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New from Sacramento

Hi All,

I'm a working mom and wife who has loved making bread for most of my life. I have made things like white, wheat, italian bread, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls. But I have always loved sourdough bread. The more sour the better. So I have joined the site hoping for advice and encouragement to capture my own wild yeast and keep them healthy and thriving. I figured that being just up the river and a delta breeze away from San Francisco would be an advantage to starting a starter, but from reading many subjects on this site, I guess I don't have a leg up by my location, Alas!

I have made two bread recipes from this site already and have been very pleased, I never made a real rustic or artesyn bread before.

I want to say I really love this site and the people here are so experienced and helpful! Glad I joined. Great Job


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Hi, Lisa.

Welcome to TFL!

You should find abundant information about sourdough baking here. Many of us bake mostly with wild yeast. 

For background and a highly recommended procedure for getting a starter going and healthy, you can't do better than reading Debra Wink's authoritative writings on "The Pineapple Juice Solution." See:

The Pineapple Juice Solution, Part 1


The Pineapple Juice Solution, Part 2


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I hadn't run across those blogs yet, but I will read them. Thanks so much.

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Thank you David, I read both articles and I am so glad you pointed me to them. I am very scientific and reading all the chemistry and experimentation that Debra did really helped me understand what I'm trying to do. Well, I think I have suceeded, I now have a starter, she more than doubles in less than 6 hours and smells like yeasty brandy. Thanks again for the warm welcome and info!

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just moved from Sacramento to Texas four years ago... don't have the answer to your acetone smell... but rest assured someone will... and you will get great help and support here. Welcome Aboard.


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My husband is from Texas, how do you like it there? I have been there a couple of times, Pampa, I like the people. And the Wallmart sells fried chicken livers! What more could I ask for?

Funny thing, I put my culture in a jar that used to have some of my homemade refrigerator dills, and the smell is immensely better! ha! who'da thunk it. Also I have added a bit of juice to it to see if it can speed up the correct bacterial take-over. The paint thinner smell is gone.

Thanks for the welcome, Gma!