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How to substitude sugar with golden syrup

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How to substitude sugar with golden syrup

Hi all,I have some stock of golden syrup, containing 77.4 g sugar per 100g of syrup. I want to comsume it. Please advise;1)sponge cakeIf the recipe calls for 100 g granulated sugar how many gram of syrup shall I use for its substitution?2)BreadIf the recipe calls for 100 g granulated sugar how many gram of syrup shall I use for its substitution?TIAB.R.satimis

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Mini Oven

I wouldn't be caught with the stuff in my cupboard...  too much fructose and sugar  (pure poison in my book, and worse than using just sugar -- which is half fructose)  But...

Use like honey.  Add flavorings to make pancake syrup.  Use instead of sugar in tea and coffee.  Make caramel corn.   It is sweeter tasting than sugar gram for gram.  Have you wiki'd it yet?

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I ran upon this thread searching for some substitutions and I felt the need to leave a comment. I think you are thinking of corn syrup which is not the same as golden syrup. Golden syrup is made from cane sugar. It is the same on the glycemic index and the exact same amount of fructose as sugar (50%).  

You can read more about it here.

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Thanks for your advice.

I have about 2 litre stock of syrup (maple + golden) purchased previously for baking Banana Tea Bread. It is a nice and tasty bread/cake but too sweet and oily (syrup and butter). I already stopped baking this bread worrying getting weight and increase of waist measurement. My BMI (Body mass index) indicates I'm over-weight. Although it is slight over-weight I must keep watching my daily foods. Exercise doesn't help much disregarding visiting gym 3 days/week doing weight training.

I expect to consume the stock of syrup before expiry. I can add maple syrup to plain yoghurt for topping sponge cake. It only consumes a small amount of syrup. Whipping cream plus syrup is better for topping but large consumption of the former won't be good to health.

That is the present situation.Syrup an intruction on syrup.

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Mini Oven

also when looking for recipes...

not to worry about expiry date, it lasts forever...

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per se, but I can appreciate why you would want to use up your stores of both the maple and the golden syrups.  I ran into the same issue(s), weight and too many sugars in my pantry.  What to do...what to do?

I'm an organic gardener and came upon a solution that worked for me.  I took those 'empty' calories and poured them into the compost pile (NOT ALL AT ONE, but gradually), safe in the knowledge that I was recycling something that was not so good for me, into a beneficial resource.  (Sugars help to speed up microbial activity in a compost pile.)  


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Here's the substitution guide I use - it works fairly well, generally speaking, but I find I have to play around with some recipes more than others.

White Sugar - 1 cup




Brown Sugar - 1 cup, firmly packed

Turbinado - 1 cup

Honey - ¾ cup + 1 tbsp, reduce liquid 2 tbsp, pinch baking soda

Golden Syrup - ¾ cup, reduce liquid ¼ cup

Maple Syrup - ¾ cup, reduce liquid 3 tbsp

Corn Syrup - 1 ½ cup, reduce liquid ¼ cup

Molasses - 1⅓ cup, reduce liquid 5 tbsp, ½ tsp baking soda, replace no more than half the sugar

Refined Fructose - ⅔ cup, will be moister

Brown Rice Malt Syrup - 1 cup, reduce liquid ¼ cup

Fruit Juice Concentrates - ¾ cup, reduce liquid 3 tbsp

Granular Sucralose - 1 cup, bakes faster