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Hi from northern New Mexico (USA)

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Country Bread Baker

Hi from northern New Mexico (USA)

Hello Folks,

I'm originally from Louisiana (Cajun French); but I've lived happily for about 35 years in northern New Mexico. I'm a single man. And cooking's been a passion my whole life. I love baking. I'm recently, very happily, retired into Social Security poverty; so it is inevitable that I cook and bake for both sanity and budget stretching. Of course, I love fresh baked bread. So I'm finding myself baking fresh bread about 3 times a week, depending upon the phase of the moon and the state of my own gumption ;) But that's the average production.

What a fabulous site! Thank you all for your efforts. I plan to steal ideas from all of you. I am shameless.

My interests will, of course, range throughout all of the "gourmet" and other boutique and vanity baking processes. I love to cook. But my primary interests will be what I call "Peasant Cooking". Poor folks, like myself, have always used available, affordable, materials and methods for survival and good food

I am grateful you are here.

Brown Bread Baker

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Welcome, BBB - what part of NM? 

I lived and worked at Taos Ski Valley many moons ago.  Fabulous country and fabulous people.  

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Country Bread Baker

Thank you LindyD, for your welcome.

I live in Ojo Caliente, N.M. It is officially in Taos County; but it is much more like Rio Arriba County, which almost surrounds it.

Taos Ski Valley is a much, much more wealthy demographic than where I live. I live among poor Hispanics (and a few hippy artists). I am a retired architect(and unrepentant old hippy) living in Social Security poverty, very happily so.

Taos Ski Valley is high in the Sangre de Christo Mountains (really Rocky Mountains). I live in the Upper Chihuahuan Desert--in the foothills of the San Juan Mountains(also Rocky Mountains). I am almost directly west of Taos. Good country; good people.

I love just about all of northern New Mexico. But am most happy in what locals call the Traditional Hispanic Villages.

And I love to bake.