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when and when not to punch

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when and when not to punch

im not sure what breads require punching

ie   sourdough ..baguette...pita bread

i made pita and i dont think i was supposed to punch it after the first rise because it didnt balloon up in the oven.  i also suspect maybe i overproffed on thew first and possible underproffed second rise.

any help would be appriciated!


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Of course it depends on the formula, but I find that doughs that require a long bulk ferment occasionally require a good ole degassing halfway through (ie: if it doubles or whatever before it has fermented long enough) , but after that initial punch I handle the dough as lightly as possible, and of course after shaping and during proofing never punch em down and even rough handling should be avoided.

And as fer the lack of oven spring I see the signs pointing to overproofing as mild underproofing will facilitate spring to the point of tearing. unless yer second ferment was like 5 minutes, then severe underproofing could be the culprit  

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thanks for the responce 

i thinkyour right about the overproofing