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Mistakes, I've made a few...

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Mistakes, I've made a few...

So I made some potato sandwich bread, a recipe I have made a couple of times before - except this time I got this:

I believe I 'over-proofed'. I went back to check the recipe and saw it was for two medium loaves when I have been using two large loaf pans (this was a hint I got from another forum thread) so in letting it 'rise to 1 inch above the rim of the pan'...

The next time I make this recipe, I think I will add half-again to make enough to fill two large loaf pans. That should work, yes?

Oh, and this it the bread when cut:

Made lovely toast!



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Mini Oven

I enjoyed your first blog entry.  :: also evil laughter ::

My first thought was the pan might be too big.   Your math sounds about right.  Go for it!

If you're going with fresh roasted potatoes try some of the colored skinned ones like red and purple and grate the skins into the dough.  Makes for interesting flecks in the crumb and crust.  (Just throwing that out there.)

Mmmm  To quote a hit man turned baker movie "The Baker,"   "so you're THE baker!"    :)

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Ooooh, purple potatoes! Oh, I like that! Thank you for the idea and the comment!



I quite like that movie, he was so confused as to why his bread was so funky...totally identified with him!