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Farm to Market Grains Galore Bread

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Farm to Market Grains Galore Bread

Good day all. I live in Lees's Summit which is a suburb of Kansas City. We have a local bread baker that produces a loaf they call Grains Galore. This is possibly a WW based soft loaf that is loaded with whole grains and seeds. I would like to attempt to bake a loaf similar ti this but am not sure where to start. If anyone living in the KC area that is familiar with this loaf could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks,



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This is from their website and a good starting point:

"Our ingredients are listed on the backs of our bags.  Yes! Grains Galore is made with whole wheat flour. In fact, it is made with 8 different grains and 6 seeds and includes quinoa, amaranth, millet, and buckwheat which are now also called “ancient grains”."


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Lee's Summit in early July for my nieces wedding.  Her mother spent her formative years in Raytown and we both graduated from Raytown South (not that horrible Raytown) even though our family didn't move there till Jr High.   It will be nice to get back 'near home' for the few days of the wedding, then off to the Ozark Mountains where us real hillbillies feel at home :-) Sounds like you have a good start to your bread with a least a list of ingredients.  We bake bread with those 'ancient grains' all the time - but ancients should - no?  Will try to get to Farm to Market while we are there and try some of their Grains Galore

Hope your quest is successful Tom!

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Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I'll have to get creative for this one. I'm not as concerned about the add-ins as i am reproducing the crumb itself. It's soft, moist and a little sweet. I may start with adjustind a white sandwich loaf and replacing some of the unbleached flour with whole wheat. Anyway, if I like how it turns out I'll be sure to post it.



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Please do keep us posted. I've been wanting to bake something similar but also need guidance.

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If you have BBA, I would use Reinhardt's Multigrain Bread Extrodinaire as a basis for your variation.  You can sub in your own grains for the one he suggests.  This bread includes brown sugar and honey so it has a sweet flavour.

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Thanks Icewynd. I do have Reinhardt's BBA and was actually thinking about checking it again. I remember taking a look at that formulae briefly and will revisit it again. Thanks for the suggestion.



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you might look into using white whole wheat flour; it's a liitle softer than regular ww. after that, i'd check the ingredient list of the bread. goodluck. let me now what you come up with, the bread sounds wonderful.