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Little Late Hello

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Little Late Hello


I am new here and have posted just a few things so far.  I am so glad I found this site!  The name's Michele and I am living in South Carolina, but spent my formative years in upstate New York.  I have been baking and cooking for most of my life.  While other children watched Captain Kangaroo, I was watching Julia Child.  I was the lucky one who got to create funa dn elaborate canape's  for my parents dinner parties.  At 15 I started as a sous chef  at a little french Bistro.  I must admit though, my first love is baking. 

I was active in a living history regiment for the Revolutionary War and was the bread baker for the regiment.  It was a chance for me to introduce breads that most in the south have never tried.  My Challah and inverted cinnamon loaf were amoung the favorites as well as the molasses bread.  Nothing like toasting your bread on the end of a stick over an open fire.....

Anyhow, I have blabbed on long enough.  I am currently diving back into my baking, having had to take some time off.  I am so looking forward to learning all the wonderful new things out there that bread baking has to offer.




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Mini Oven

I spent some of my growing up years in South Carolina. Lived through the tricentenial, etc. There is no better place to get inspired to bake than here. Please feel more at home looking around the site. Again, welcome, better late than never... :) Mini O

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Hi Michele,

I spent my childhood cooking, too.  How I would have loved to have Julia Child on TV (no PBS then in rural Wisconsin), not to mention sous chef experience! 

Nearly everything tastes better over an open fire. At least it does to an occasional camper.  I'm glad I don't have to cook my food that way everyday.