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my levain for Syd's SF Sourdough not rising,

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my levain for Syd's SF Sourdough not rising,


How do I know when the levain is ready to be incorporated into the sponge?  I want to try Syd's San Francisco Sourdough Bread found on the Home Page.  My 100% sourdough starter has been taken out of the refrigerator and fed in 12 hour intervals over the past week.  My starter is now thriving.  

I made the levain yesterday morning and covered it with a towel and put in the oven to sit for 9 hours (I placed it covered in the oven hoping the temperature would be higher than than the constant 22 degrees Celsius in my home).  


  • 20g starter @ 100% hydration
  • 100g water
  • 15g light rye flour
  • 85g all purpose flour

At 6:30 last night the levain hasn't was doing nothing.  I ended up going to a meeting and decided to throw it out.

This morning I made another levain with my starter that was refreshed last night and it's now sitting in the oven.  Any advice on what I should expect when I look at it again in 9 hours?

Although my starter is going on 2 years, I confess to still being a newbie because I've never deviated from the Norwich sourdough recipe.  

Thank you in advance,


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thomaschacon (not verified)

If the starter is active and the water is filtered or bottled, then the problem is likely temperature.

Temperature of the levain when you made it (cold starter, cold water, cold flours), temperature of the oven (which can sometimes be colder than room temperature, unless you turn the oven light on (or the oven itself)).

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I didn't leave the light on the oven:(  Sure enough the levain hasn't risen.  Thanks for your response Thomas,