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Happy St. Patrick's Day - Part 2

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breadsong's picture

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Part 2

Hello --- and Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone :^)

Borrowing the fun shaping for freerk and Levine’s Speculaas Rolls, to make these ‘Four Leaf Clovers’ for St. Patrick’s Day.
The dough is a very tasty Roasted Potato Bread from Advanced Bread and Pastry; the ‘clovers’ are dusted with Green Pea flour (Bob’s Red Mill).


From SUAS. Advanced Bread and Pastry, 1E. © 2009 Delmar Learning, a part of Cengage Learning, Inc. Reproduced by permission.

The bread has really good flavor and a tender crumb – and so enjoyable to try another wonderful formula from
Advanced Bread and Pastry, with this shaping method, for St. Patrick’s Day!
                                                        ...crumb shot


Happy baking everyone,
:^) breadsong

Submitted to YeastSpotting, Susan’s weekly bread event :^)


Syd's picture

Very creative shaping breadsong!  And while I haven't made this particular recipe, I have made Hamelman's roasted potato bread and it is delicious.  As you say, it makes for a moist crumb with a tender bite.  Dusting with green pea flour is very novel and looks so pretty. 

Lovely baking,


breadsong's picture

Hi Syd,
Thank you so much.
I can't take credit for the shaping idea; TFL user dawkins baked freerk and Levine's speculaas rolls, and mentioned how the rolls looked like clovers when posting :^)
(as perfect a shaping job as I've ever seen...! I thought the rolls dawkins made looked absolutely beautiful!)

I held onto the idea and it was good to make them again, using this delicious roasted potato dough.
Thanks again!
:^) breadsong

hanseata's picture

What beautiful looking breads! You are really creative, Breadsong! I just made the good ole soda breads for St. Patrick's Day.

I never heard about green pea flour - is it normally used for gluten free baking?

Happy baking,



breadsong's picture

Hi Karin - thanks so much!
I just tasted soda bread for the first time yesterday - loved it - nice to know you were baking them too.
Not knowing anything about gluten-free baking, I'm not sure how you would use green pea flour, but the package notes you can substitute 20 grams per cup for wheat flour.
Maybe I should try that for Shiao-Ping's Orange-Infused Avocado Sourdough, for extra 'green' color!
:^) breadsong

isand66's picture

Amazing looking bread!

I bet they taste as good as they look.

Great job.


breadsong's picture

Thank you so much, Ian! :^)

FlourChild's picture

The shaping is wonderful, and I love that your green came from natural green pea flour :)  Bet they were delicious, too, with rye, wheat and potato!

breadsong's picture

Hello FlourChild,
I loved the combination of ingredients in this bread - really, really flavorful.
It was fun to use this flour to 'decorate' with - now I should figure out how to use it in something!
:^) breadsong

varda's picture

and creative shaping.   I would say you've outdone yourself, but then what would I say next time.  -Varda

breadsong's picture

Your comment brought a smile - thank you so much for your kindness!
:^) breadsong

GSnyde's picture

Really great shaping.  Another work of bread art.

I'm sure they'll bring luck.


breadsong's picture

Hi Glenn,
Thank you very much - for your compliments, and good thoughts; happy to find (good) luck, anytime!
:^) breadsong

dabrownman's picture

breadsong!  Using a potato bread is very apropos for St Pat's day too.    St Pat himself, had he made this beautiful bread,  would have used a 3 leaf clover instead of 4 because he actually used the 3 leaves of clover to help explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to the Irish so long ago.  But, even he would be gobsmacked by your rolls - 4 leaves or no.  Yours are certainly luckier.  Love the green pea flour - ever even knew it existed till now.

breadsong's picture

Hi DA,
The potato bread was a deliberate choice :^)
Thanks so much for your compliments, and history note!
:^) breadsong