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hello from new jersey

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hello from new jersey

hi, just saying hello. i am new to baking and finally decided to join and get serious with bread and bagels. hope to learn and contribute what i learn to others. hopefully one day, my skill will take me out of my computer cubicle job!

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Welcome! We will be looking forward to hearing about your baking adventures.


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Be advised, in advance, that this site is addictive.

I ran across it in January, got hooked on baking - and now I bake at least every weekend and sometimes during the week if I remember to get my starters out.

You have been warned!!!


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Welcome on board!

A week or so ago we had a conversation here about how long-time residents go about answering questions. As a result of that, I would offer this thought: Don't hesitate to ask any question no matter how simple or basic (I used to have a lot of questions on how to stir flour for example). When you ask though it would be helpful if you would indicate the type of answer you want: simple, intermediate, or detailed. That way the answerer can tailor the answer to your needs.


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what exit?  :/  from a former Pocono boy.

"There's no crying in Football, and no dumb questions at TFL"  I forgot who said that originally but I like it. 


Two wrongs don't make a right. Three lefts make a right

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Ruth Redburn

    Hi and welcome Koloatree.  Are you from New Jersey, for real?  I live in Monroe Twp.  and have only seen addresses from all over the world, West coast, South, etc.  This is great if I actually have an almost neighbor who bakes bread.            Ruth Redburn

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Ruth Redburn

  I am looking for the corn bread recipe by xma.  Where do I find it, please?              Ruth Redburn

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hey all thanks for the welcome. im near washigton township area, about 20 minuts from the ben franklin bridge. i hope to one day own a small bread/bagel shop. something similiar to bagel bin in voorhess if anyone is familiar with that place.