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Bread I should buy in Austria

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Bread I should buy in Austria

We will soon be off to St Anton in the Tyrol for 3 weeks, and I am keen to try as many different types of bread as possible whilst we are there.  Can any TFLers recommend what sort of bread I should try to purchase.  Many thanks,  Nici

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Mini Oven

just about every bakery in Austria is good.  :)   Ask for the house specialty or regional speciality.  

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try the pastry, too.


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Hi Nici,

Have a great time in Austria.   You'll probably be away, but it's Alnwick FM on Friday.   Please remind your friend from Morpeth and spread the word if you are able to.

All good wishes


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Generally speaking for the germanic countries, definitely try as many small rural village bakeries as you can.  The more out-of-the-way and non-descript the better.  You want the bakeries that serve the villagers, not the bakeries that serve the tourists or the supermarkets.  It's where I've always found the best and most traditional bread.  This is the stuff the big city bakeries and grocery stores are trying to emulate.  I always have been a huge fan of the Roggen-Mischbrot which is mixed rye/wheat or the Weizen-Mischbrot which is wheat/rye mix.  Sauerteig means sourdough, but for rye bread its usually safe to assume it will be sourdough even if it isn't explicitly called that.  Usually, the white breakfast rolls are also delectable.  We called them "Weck" (pronounced "veck") in Germany,  but I don't know what they're called in Tyrol.

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I would buy any multi grain bread! But also ask for the regional specialities.

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Thank you one and all Mini, Karin, Katibake7, Kozulich.  Really helpful, especially the words in German .   I will let you know how I get on.     Thank you Andy, I have reminded Maggie, and I am sure she will have told her neighbours.  Good luck and I hope you sell out again.       Nici