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David Snyders' SD Pugliesi Capriccioso With Some WW and Rye

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David Snyders' SD Pugliesi Capriccioso With Some WW and Rye

I am glad to say that I have made 3 of David's fine SD concoctions in the last month.  Each one better than the last.  I started with San Joaquin and learned from some on TFL that this was their 2nd favorite of David's breads - Pugleisi being the first.  Then I did his current quest of SFSD.  I thought this bread was every bit as good as San Joaquin but I did change it slightly to get some of my favorite flour in it.  I just had to do his Capriccioso but also wanted to add in some of my favorite WW and Rye flavor  at 50 g each replacing some of the AP and, since I didn't have enough AP, I subbed 100 g of KA unbleached bread flour.  Other than that I kept his recipe intact including the water even though I was adding in some thirstier grains.

I was drawn to this bread because it is baked upside down with the seam side up on the stone and it is seam side down it the proofing basket - in this case a flowered kitchen towel inside a pretty Mexican basket.  This is very nice bread to bake with no long retard involved and it just came out perfect - at least as good as I can do right now - not for David of course.  It tasted great, the crust and crumb were to my liking and it was much better the next day.  this is now one of top 5 breads on a list of at least 10 in the top 5.  Thanks David.



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I haven't tried this one yet, but it looks like I will have to give it a shot when I get home from my trip.

Your crumb looks great and your sandwich looks awesome.

Good job.


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one of those great breads Ian.  I like it with with my rye and WW additions, since that is my taste preference, but David's original has to be fine too. Must be tough being out of town and away from the oven :-)

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Nice looking bread.   I am curious about your list.   At this point, I have no idea what mine is.   It seems to change extremely frequently.  Ok, I'll play.  In no particular order and subject to change without notice - Tzitzel (ITJB), Wholemeal Pain Au Levain (Andy's blog),  Faux Poilane (Lumos' blog), Pugliese (Barenbaum via Sylvia's blog), Russian Rye (Bread Matters - this could be supplanted by Borodinsky if I learn how to make it properly).  -Varda


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But I like your list too and one match in a Pugliese.  Mine is based on what  I have made and like the best in the last 5 weeks since I didn't really bake bread much before that, not necessarily what I like the best or want to make.  I have a light rye, med rye, dark rye, very dark rye, black rye taste  but also like WW and flavored breads

Phil's Tartine Walnut with Sage 100% Whole Wheat - just great in evvery way, Shiao-Ping's Semolina Orange Turmeric Pain au Levain with my Various Orange and AppleYW (instead of her SD) also great in smell and taste, David Snyder's Pugliese Capriaioso w/ my added rye and WW,  my Brachflacken Mehrere Volkombrot Multigrain Challah - Version 4 (fine nearly black crust), Phil's 40% Rye w/ Caraway,  isand66's Bacon SD Potato Onion Cheddar (very tasty indeed), David Snyder's SFSD and his San Joaquin both with added rye and WW and lastly zolablue's variation of Pierre Nury's Rustic Light Rye with my extra rye and WW.

Eventually I will  get to Andy's dark and your going darker side but right now I am going to do teketeke's YW White Sandwich Loaf  ( I really like YW and need some Panko bread Crumbs) and Glenn Snyders Country SD that Sweetbird got such an amazing crust on.  I will of course get more rye and WW in Glenn's too!  I just think breads with some rye and WW taste better and have better sour.   My rye sour starter helps too - but someday I will bake on the dark side - If I can find the right flour and pans.  I picked up some barley malt to add to my multigrain challah above - so darkness is starting to draw me to is only a matter of time.

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I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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David.  Just amazing and unusual bread all the way around.  Fine looking, fine tasting and it can be made in a little over half a day! I'm going to try your brother's SF country SD next after seeing the crust on sweetbird's bake, but I will add some more rye and WW as I seem to do most always for my personal taste.  I learn a lot from each bake, especially yours.  Learning for me at this point is pretty easy since I'm fairly ignorant when it comes to bread.  But ,I am getting better and am happy about that.  Thanks again.