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My oven

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My oven

Hello all!

Just found this site over the weekend. Really glad I did!

I'm in Neuville, Québec. A few years ago I built a brick oven based on Alan Scott's famous book. At the time, I used red bricks for the dome. I was too inexperienced and of course, the bricks started cracking/popping in the first year. So the second year, I removed the dome and started again with proper firebricks. In the middle of redoing the dome, I decided to cut down a big pine tree that was (too) close to the oven. Again, my lack of experience showed and of course, the tree fell right on the dome in construction!

At that point I said a few curse words and forgot about the oven for a couple of years.

Then, this year, I decided I was going to rebuild it. And here are a few pics!

I've since built a small table at the left of the entrance.

I've cooked four batches of naturally leavened 64% hydration rye/whole wheat loaves, chicken and pizza! The pizza night was fun... We were 18 total so had to cook 9 pizzas!

I've 'photo' doccumented most of the building process so if anyone is interested I'll post the pics (about 60 of them).




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Very nice looking oven.  I am glad you came back around and finished it.  Very nice brick work as well.  I had wondered about using red brick and how long they would last.  Considered it for their cost over firebrick, but decided to use firebrick and risk having to rebuild.

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bill bush

I'd like a link to see  your construction documentation.  I have thought about doing a simple "fireback" outdoor fireplace for cooking on the coals, but the oven would be a pretty easy add-on, if I could put both on the same chimney and build a shed to cover it from the weather.  Looking forward to your photos.  Thanks!

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60 photos, Gulp.

Might be an idea to put them your photos in Flicker or Photobucket or similar and then leave a link to them here. 

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I've just put my Bread oven album Public on Facebook. So just look me up - Hugo Morin. My icon is this:

Since I've set my Bread oven album public, you should be able to see all the pictures in it without having to do a friends request.

Let me know if it works!

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Love to see the pictures but my facebook search doesn't bring your icon up. There are more Hugo's out there than you would think. Any hints ?


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As I mentionned, look for the Hugo Morin with the icon in the previous message: the little viking...

but I also tried to create a Flickr account. let me know how it goes:


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Flickr worked, nice oven & good job on the structure around it. You have some of the best pics of the oven to chimney construction I have seen. The bread builders book is a little vague in that area.


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Very nice!  I love Quebec.

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looks really good...

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