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Looking for an oil sprayer

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Looking for an oil sprayer

Does anyone know of a place to buy a sprayer that I can put my own olive oil in? King Arthur has one but it's $20.00, yikes. Anyone know of a less expensive one? 

Thanks, weavershouse

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I own 2 of these, and regularly give them as gifts. But lately, I have been using "Bakers Joy" for my non-stick needs.


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I also used a Misto enthusiastically - and gave lots as gifts. But the oil seemed to block up the nozzle after a while and wouldn't clean out satisfactorily - and I kept getting phonwe calls from everyone I'd given one to, asking how to unblock it! The one I used for spraying lemon or lime juice worked fine for much much longer.

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I wonder if a china or glass plant mister (or even a perfume sprayer) might work? You see them sometimes on eBay and, since they're small, they go for $5 to $7 (plus shipping, of course). If the spraying mechanism is all metal, including the tube that goes into the liquid, you could soak them in hot water if they became clogged. The question is whether they are strong enough to spray a heavier liquid like oil. If you're interested, search on eBay for "plant mister" or "perfume mister".

I have used a cheap $1 plant mister in the past for oil. However, it needed to be kept full and it could only spray the oil in a thin stream (not the finer "misting" spray). Eventually it clogged up and I tossed it.

Interesting point by  andrew_l about the Misto. I was looking at this gizmo myself about 6 months ago and the reviews or comments I was able to find through searching all mentioned exactly this problem. So I didn't buy it. 


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I've been using a Misto since given to me as a gift last Christmas. I like it a lot. I read the reviews on Amazon of people complaining of clogging. I called the Misto company about this and they explained how to remedy.

Finally, after 6 months of using frequently with olive oil, it clogged up. I emptied it, half filled it with water and a drop or two of dish soap, pumped it up and sprayed it for 30 seconds or so, as advised by the company rep I spoke with. Works like new again.

I'm guessing 90+% of people would find this a workable remedy.

No need to buy the toxic crap that comes in landfill clogging aerosol cans.

Amazon prices range from about 10 - 20 bucks.

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Wow, seems we've made a full circle here. From Misto being great to Misto being trouble to how to fix Misto trouble. This is what's so great about this site...all the input and help. I'm going to go with the Misto now that there's a solution to the problem. Thank you all.                                                                                             weavershouse

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I considered getting my own atomizer but I don't use it enough to justify the cleaning and cost.  I use standard Pam, and am sure the generics are fine.  I use it all the time for cooking and dough prep.  It lasts quite a long time.   For $20, one can purchase a significant amount.  I could be wrong, but thought food aerosol cans could be recycled.  Either way, I appreiate the ease of use and consistent performance.

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Eric, I tried that methid and it worked - for a few times. But each time it needed cleaning I found it less and less effective until I binned it. Did yours keep going? And if so, were you using extra virgin oil or a refined oil?