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First Pugliese - Thanks to SylviaH!

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First Pugliese - Thanks to SylviaH!

I made my first Pugliese loaf today with a LOT of help from SylviaH (thank you so much Sylvia).  I originally made two loaves but had an oven problem and by the time I made it to a working oven, one of the loaves had over proofed and stuck the the towel.  I used a shallow pan with a fan folded towel and water for steam and also dipped my fingers into a cup of water and flicked it into the oven at the beginning of the bake since, in my rush out the door, I forgot my mister.  The loaf is all AP flour, I didn't have any durum on hand.

The crust is thin and crispy with a little bit of chew.  The crumb is light and very soft, the largest holes are about 3/4 in.  This is my absolute best loaf EVER and will be a staple in our house from now on.

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What a challenge to have to change ovens and yet you still managed to get a beautiful loaf.  Your crust looks very crispy with a nice open crumb and the shape is perfect.  It's no fun when the proofing loaf sticks!  If I have to slow down the proofing of a loaf, it helps me to place it into a plastic bag, put it into the refrigerator and time it so has proofed enough for bake time.     

I'm glad I could help and your very welcome!

Happy Baking,


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Frequent Flyer

Looks terrific!  Pugliese is one of my favorites.