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Tassajara Basic Bread

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Tassajara Basic Bread

This is today's batch, using 1 tsp of yeast instead of the 2 1/4 tsp the recipe called for in one loaf, butter and honey. Can't wait to taste it, I'm hoping for a less "yeasty" flavour. I didn't go through the 2 rising stages after the sponge stage, I had one longer rise and then the proofing rise after shaping. Both were 70 minutes long due to the smaller amount of yeast used. It still sprang up pretty high!



I think I'll submit it to Yeastspotting and see if it's accepted. :)

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I got a Tassajara book after I started baking bread and was surprised at how much yeast is in the recipes. I use mainly sourdough and some commercial yeast but rarely use a whole packet per 3-4 c flour. I usually end up with 1 tsp at the max-and that would be when I'm making a straight thru all commercial yeast bread.Doesn't happen often but sometimes circumstances call for it.

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I was more used to the amount of yeast called for as I started out my breadmaking journey using a bread machine. But then it was suggested here to reduce the amount of yeast in the loaves to get more of a wheaty flavour, and while I usually keep to the amount given in the recipe, yesterday I just felt like a change.

"The Tassajara Bread Book" was the second non bread machine book I bought. I enjoy the way his recipes are presented, very informal and laid back as opposed to "The Bread Bible" (my first non bread machine book) where everything is much more regimented.

It was the Tassajara book that really got me inspired to make bread and allowed me to see that I could actually bake loaves that were good and a pleasure to eat without getting caught up in formulae, temperatures and "why doesn't it look like the picture!?"


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Hi. I'm huh us curious how you got the loaf so big? Are you using a certain pan or is it how long it rises for?