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no knead bread containers

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no knead bread containers

I have made quite a bit of basic no knead bread & have been very happy with it.  Usually I bake it in a large (I think 5qt) dutch oven that I've had for years.  I would like to use this recipe to make soup bowls for my family, but the little mini dutch ovens are fairly pricey.  What other vessels can the no knead bread be cooked in, that would come in about a 1liter size that I could experiment with to make these things.  Thinking along the lines of cheap also.  I need to buy at least four of them, so I don't want to spend $50 each on them.

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These should work.  If you need a cover a simple sheet of aluminum foil should do the job.


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what about a clay flower pot from your local garden center ?   aluminum foil if you need to cover them

any size you want and I think they will go to 450


just an idea





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Hi Appendix..I don't know where you live..I am in the Shenandoah Valley and we have TJ MAXX...i noticed when i was in that they had very small dutch oven style bakeware, very reasonably priced at about 19-20 bucks a piece(no plastic knobs..)that would be perfect for very small individual loaves like you are talking about. I don't remember the brand..if i get a chance i will run by today and look and see..seems like they were good up to 500F but i will check.  They are discontinued, overstock type items that sometimes disappear, never to be seen again.

Where do you live (if that is okay to ask)?

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thank you.  If I can use something as simple as foil for the top, that opens up many avenues.  I will look at my local TJ Maxx, & I also found some Clay soup bowls at romertoff for $20/4 so I think I'll order those-use them for the bread & they'll look good on the table too.  Thanks again.