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Norm's Onion Rolls Lucky First Attempt with Sourdough Starter

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Norm's Onion Rolls Lucky First Attempt with Sourdough Starter

The first time I saw Norm's Onion Rolls I knew that despite my inexperience I had to try them. 

I have some sourdough starter, and thought I would start with 1/4 cup of that, add flour and water, let that ferment for 8 hours, (reduced the flour and water in Norm's recipe by equal amounts), and combine and proceed as Norm instructs.  My scale is a little tiny thing, so I'm still relying on cups and ounces, but I was blessed to get really good rolls out of the process.  We've piled on burgers, and roast beef.  The rolls held up well overnight, and we've stashed several in the freezer to see how they survive.

My math skills are limited, so it gave me a headache to try to sort out hydration levels, and flour amounts, so the rolls the results of beginner's luck and Norm's expert guidance.

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Looks good!


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Thank you for the kind words.  I admit I'm excited the rolls turned out so well.  It was a puzzle to think if I have 1/4 cup lively starter, and add 1 cup of flour and 1/2 cup water, and set it on the counter for 8 hours, then I'd take 1 cup flour from Norms formula, and 1/2 cup water, and use 1 less teaspoon of yeast,then proceed.  Most of the prep time was spent converting grams to ounces.  If my enthusiasm sustains for another few weeks, I'll invest in a really good scale.  There have been some successes, but also a couple of tense minibaguetts, and a pretty, if dense sourdough challah.