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I bought some Glenn wheat berries from Kenter Canyon farm at the Atwater Village farmers market ( in Los Angeles). It was $2 per pound, not cheap but not too outrageous. The Glenn wheat is grown in Santa Rosa, California. I’m currently buying hard red spring wheat from Montana Flour and Grains by mail, and I would like to transition to a more local supplier. 

I milled it and baked my typical loaf- sourdough, 100% whole grain, no additives besides salt. The starter is rye and comprised 10% of the grain. The other 90% was the Glenn wheat ( replacing the montana hard red spring wheat). The hydration of the loaf was 80%. 2% salt. 

Impressions- the flour held up well to fermentation with sourdough. The final crumb was softer than the Montana loaf is typically. Probably lower gluten, but strong enough to get a nice enough profile with the usual treatment. Excellent aroma including malty notes. I have been adding spelt to my wheat loaves to reduce the chewiness of the hard red spring loaves, and I’d say the Glenn loaf is an excellent texture alone. 

Here is a crumb picture

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Using a recipe posted in 2013 by d_a_kelly for Panettone a tre impasti in June. My adaptation was to use mango yeast water as the water to build the first impasto and then a small amount ( 5gr) of stiff rye starter in the second dough build. 

The first dough made Saturday late morning, the second late evening Saturday. The last build made Sunday morning and baked when it had tripled ( or perhaps 4x) in a loaf pan. Hand kneaded each step. Used Montana Flour and Grain unbleached white flour. It is a high gluten wheat flour. Baked it when it had risen past the pan lip. It was still growing. Could have used a bigger pan. Great oven spring. May not be able to cool it fully before the family riots. 

Used vanilla extract + orange bitters to simulate fiori de sicillia, and it smells good. 


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This weekend’s bread was mostly spelt with a rye starter and some of last week’s leftover bread (altus). 

400 gr whole spelt (fresh ground)

270 gr water

6 gr salt

80 gr refreshed rye starter ( 100% hydration)

100 gr altus*

-autolyse spelt and water about 2hrs

-mix in starter, rest a bit, mix in salt and altus

-bulk ferment with occasional folds about 5 hrs

-preshape,shape proof in fridge overnight

-bake at 475 F covered for 20 min, 425 F uncovered for 20 more mins

*the altus was last week’s ww bread, crust removed, soaked in water and then squeezed out. 

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I’ve been working on consistency with my bake of 100% fresh milled whole wheat sourdough for the last several weeks ( about 4 loaves a weekend since thanksgiving). 

I think I’ve got what I want for my family’s basic bread. Soft texture, airy enough crumb, blistered and thin crust. And, importantly, 3 bakes in a row that are about the same. 🙂

formula: ( with dough mix time equals t-zero)

-12 hrs: refresh refridgerater starter 1:2:2. I use 100% starter 

-2 hrs: mix 400 gr flour and 300 gr water until all dry stuff is wet (shaggy mass)

0 hrs: knead well the shaggy mass plus 100 gr refreshed starter. ~300 folds. 

+ 0.5 hrs: incorporate 8 gr salt plus a small amount of water to help it dissolve 

-fold about every hour. Was not totally consistent with this, but always managed the one at t=1.5 hrs. Room temperature is 70 F

+6 hrs: preshape

+6.5 hrs: final shape, put in fridge

+18 hrs ( approx). : put in covered baker, slash; preheat oven to 475 F, lower heat to 425 once bread is loaded and temp is back to 475. 20 min covered, 15 min uncovered 

The picture is after about 30 min cooling, would cut better with a longer wait. 

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and first bake of 2018. Made a batch of 50-50 fresh ground red spring wheat and AP flour. Mixed one half with olives and the other with seed blend (sunflowe, sesam, flax). Folds during NYE board game night, preshape and shape just after midnight, refridge over night, bake after the Rose Parade (~noon). Bringing to potluck this evening. 

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These 3 miniloaves, approximately 300 grams each, were made from the same dough, kneaded and bulk fermented all together. It is 75% hydration whole wheat (all red spring wheat) plus 2% salt- simple lean dough. About 4.5 hr bulk fermented at room temp, about 23 C/74 F. Divided, preshape, shape, put on floured towel. Final proof was 1 hr for right one, 1.5 hr for middle, 2 hrs for left. Middle and left look about the same and a bit better than right. But not sure it wasn’t just better shaping and scoring. 

Will find out later what the inside looks like. 

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Trying to bake a 50-50 fresh whole wheat-bread flour 75% hydration lean bread daily this week to improve technique and experiment with length of bulk ferment, freq of folds, etc. 

First one is pretty nice. Slightly flattened. Will add another late fold in tonight’s.

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baked into 3 loaves. 


1100 gr white whole wheat ( fresh milled)

400 bread fl

30 gr wheat malt 

1050 h2o

rest 2 hrs ( errands done)


150 gr oatmeal soaked in 200 gr h2o

200 gr active rye sour 

30 gr salt

200 gr chopped pecans

230 gr dried cherries 

50 gr h20 ( to dissolve and spread salt)

ferment 2-3 hrs with some folds in that time. 

> refrigerate 2/3

> the last third, allow to double. It took about 8 hrs. preshape, shape, put in fridge. 

In the morning- preheat oven, bake loaf 1. Take out the rest of the dough, divide, preshape, shape. Cook first loaf. Slightly overdone- when the timer went off, it was slightly underdone, so left in oven- but left a bit long. Still edible, slightly bitter exterior. 

Loaf 2&3 proofed about 4 hrs ( kitchen was cold). Then cooked. Those look perfect. 





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having seen several beautiful porridge breads here lately, i resolved to try it for my Sunday bake. 

Mixed last night

200 gr active rye sourdough 

300 gr porridge ( 50 gr oatmeal, 50 gr quinoa, 200 gr h2o)

600 gr fresh ground spelt, ww mix

200 gr ap flour

10 gr wheat malt flour 

200 gr chopped pecans 

16 gr salt

450 gr h2o

for a total 1000 gr of grain and 750 gr water. 

After an hour rest, knead to medium dev, leave out overnight ( covered and in cool conditions, 65 degrees F). 

In morning ( 10 hr later) it had tripled, but it was still dough and not soup. So i preshaped, shaped and baked, as two loaves, pretty much with little proof time (perhaps 40 mins while oven heated). with steam for 20 mins, 20 min dry to internal temp of 205. 

Small holes in the probably overfermented loaf, but a nice uniform airy and pillowy texture. And not very sour. A hit with the family. 

Notes for next time- either reduce innoculation, or get up earlier. Increase porridge amout. Also, some raisins or other dried fruit would go great with the pecans. 

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Yesterday's bread was 50-50 fresh milled hard white wheat and all purpose flour with 80% hydration and leavened with a rye starter. After mixing and resting, half the dough was combined with grated cheese and herbs, while half was combined with dried cherries and pecans. 

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