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Spelt Loaf

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Spelt Loaf

I have not used spelt in the past, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I made up a sourdough formula that had 40% spelt, with 50% bread flour and 10% rye making up the rest.  Hydration was approximately 77%  The loaf turned out pretty good, the flavor was nothing distinct, tasted like a whole wheat loaf, with moderate rise and an average crumb.

If you have a favorite spelt recipe, let me know in a comment or link to it.  I have plenty of flour left and would like to explore using it in some other bakes.



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Comes highly recommended. 

Very nice bake. 

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Here's a 50% spelt loaf I baked back in September. Not so different a recipe except without the rye.

The recipe:

I sifted the bran out and poured boiling water over it to make a soaker.

220g sifted spelt
all the soaker
200g KA bread flour
150g white sourdough starter
270g water
9g salt

 I was fairly happy with this loaf and though it tasted a little better than ordinary whole wheat.  More recently I've made much the same loaf using emmer, which I am getting to like.


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Well done on your bake it has a nice light looking crumb.

At your request I would point you toward my spelt recipe: 50+% Whole Spelt SD | The Fresh Loaf

You might not be able to follow it but it certainly was one of the tastiest spelt bakes I have ever produced. Probably in my top ten bakes of all time, but I attribute most of that deliciousness to the English spelt flour I used.

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I always love a loaf that cracks, that is one beautiful loaf.  I'm looking forward to more adventures in spelt, thanks for the share.

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Occidental, that looks like a nice bake.  You asked for some ideas, and here are links to two blog posts that involve bread that contains spelt:

Good luck with your adventure with spelt, which I find a nice alternative to some of the more common flours.

Happy baking.


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Thank you for the ideas, I will give them a look and try at least as many as I have flour for, and report back on the results.  I appreciate it!

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Looks great. 

Try 60% spelt, 40% white unbleached all purpose flour.   67% hydration or so.   In a loaf pan.